The Malvern College Hong Kong experience

Malvern College Hong Kong will offer the full International Baccalaureate programme: a curriculum framework which we believe best meets the educational needs and different cultural backgrounds of our students. Small class sizes and dedicated tutor time will be key features of Malvern College Hong Kong’s provision. Placing equal emphasis on the personal development of students, we will offer a wide range of co-curricular activities as well as a house system, to provide the best integrated education to our students. Assigning students to houses will help foster team spirit and enhance their sense of belonging, both critical elements in character development, ensuring a rich and fulfilling school life. Our integrated programme includes:

A collaborative learning environment

Our students control of their own learning and the necessary tools to actively participate or question methods. Our students can also work in an effective collaborative environment with field experts, teachers, peers, and other learners that they meet around the world, whether through educational excursions, residential programmes, or the numerous regular programmes and activities organised by the school.

Personalised academic enrichment

We will have a low teacher-student ratio of around 1:10, to facilitate the introduction of “inquiry” as a key pedagogical approach that will allow each student to understand the world in a manner and at a rate that is unique to that learner. Classes will be supplemented through tutor time, group discussions, and projects to enhance the transdisciplinary focus of the curriculum. Each student will also be assigned with a personal tutor who will help the child tailor his/her academic enrichment according to his or her learning needs, both for advanced learners and weaker students.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Malvern College (UK) pioneered Nuffield Science, an approach that promotes the study of science through experimentation and discovery. Our approach across the learning and teaching of STEM is focused around practical work, inspiring a spirit of inquiry, critical thinking and problem solving. This emphasises the relevance of work to environmental, social, technical and economic issues and to children’s lives.
Inheriting Malvern College’s strong track record in the Sciences, Malvern College Hong Kong will seek opportunities for collaboration with the Science Park and the Chinese University of Hong Kong to provide experiential learning opportunities for our students. Our Science Centre will provide an exhibition space for science related projects. Courses on coding and chess will be adopted in our Early Years programme in order to lay strong foundations in logical thinking. Malvern College Hong Kong will also take every opportunity to promote the profile of STEM subjects at our school through co-curricular activities, competitions, masterclasses, and enrichment activities. In addition to the numerous science clubs, the annual Science Fair, the various science competitions and tournaments that our students will join, our programme will also include Science Camps and Excursions; visiting a Scientist Lecture Series; a Science Community Outreach Programme; and a Scientist-in-Residence Programme.

The study of Chinese language and culture

We will fully embrace the Chinese language and culture in our curriculum and will provide mandatory daily Chinese classes in Mandarin and simplified Chinese for all students. The students will be grouped according to their language ability and will have enrichment classes which will support the progress of second language learners and provide further development for advanced speakers in writing skills and the study of literature. Our students will have the opportunity to join exchange programmes and residential learning in Mainland China and Taiwan.

Tailored language support and induction programmes according to students’ needs

Additional language support will be provided as needed to our students whose native language is not English, until they are fully settled into the school. We will organise onboarding and summer remedial classes prior to the school starting to help students boost their English level and prepare for the new learning environment.

An experiential approach to the study of literature

The study of literature here will be enhanced through experiential learning. This will be done through Drama and Theatre experiences; through Art and Music appreciation; through presentations or seminars delivered by authors and experts; and through Overseas Residential Experiences, or similar, opportunities where students visit the culture they are studying. This approach to the study of literature will also enhance language, communication, and social skills.

A blended learning environment

Blended learning is the combination of face-to-face instruction with online learning. This approach to learning is recognised as the most effective method of achieving a rewarding personalised learning experience. At Malvern College Hong Kong, our blended learning approach will be supported by well-equipped learning spaces, maker spaces, and other modern purpose-built facilities; and the use of effective learning technologies.

Nurturing Global Perspectives

Through inheriting the finest traditions from the UK and absorbing the latest educational thinking from the IB network and around the world, we will ensure we are truly global in our educational approach. The Malvern College family of schools will provide opportunities to nurture global perspectives through participation in residential programmes in Malvern College in the UK and in our sister schools in China. These residential trips will provide the opportunity to experience boarding house life.

Alternative Study Pathway

Malvern College Hong Kong students will have the opportunity to study at Malvern College UK from Year 9 (subject to fulfilling relevant entry requirements)
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