Forthcoming Events


 Jun 12, 2018


 Jun 11, 2018

Summary of this morning mcc meeting


 Jun 5, 2018

The election of student members this week


 May 29, 2018

MCC'S morning meeting for the last week

MCC Newsletter March 2018

 Apr 13, 2018

MCC Newsletter March 2018

The First Malvern Colour Run

 Jan 17, 2018

The first Colour Run in Malvern College Chengdu was held on November 18th. On this day, students went to the Colour Run with their parents, relatives and friends, some of whom also formed the teams which participated in the run.

MCC Sports Day

 Dec 25, 2017

MCC sports day is a joyous sporting occasion for both students and teachers.Students are enthusiastic to participate in competitions and happily organized this event. Student enjoyment is a priority so, it’s necessary to pay tribute to the students who organized the sports day and the teachers who supported them. They made the day a tremendous success.

The Lantern Festival of Malvern College Chengdu

 Feb 15, 2017

At the Lantern Festival, students and parents from Malvern College Chengdu celebrate the festival together at the school and also make a wonderful ending of spr

Lecture – Parents are family educators

 Nov 15, 2016

Parents are their child’s first teacher. The lessons children learn within the home environment can affect them for the rest of their lives.What methods c

Having British afternoon tea with our Chief Executive at Malvern College Chengdu

 Jul 19, 2016

On 29th July 2016, you are invited to meet our Chief Executive Ms. Jacqueline So at our British style campus... View Article