Student Activities

Malvern Summer Internship Second Destination-The Bank of East Asia

 Aug 8, 2017

The Summer Internship in Chengdu has begun and the second destination is the Bank of East Asia, Chengdu branch. From July 4 to 5, nearly 30 students in Malvern College Chengdu would acquire financial knowledge and learn the process of banking in the Bank of East Asia.

Malvern Summer Internship First Destination-Picasso & Dali Exhibition

 Aug 8, 2017

How are you going to spend two months on your summer vacation? Do you go to classes or go on vacation with your family? Take a look at the summer vacation in Malvern College Chengdu.

The CEMC Maths competition

 May 11, 2017

The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) is Canada's largest and most recognised outreach organisation for the promotion of, and creating materials and activities in, mathematics and computer science. Based within the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo

Malvern Easter Day in 2017

 Apr 26, 2017

Easter is a traditional festival celebrated in many countries. It is a time of hope.

Chengdu Urban Forest Project 2017

 Apr 12, 2017

On Saturday 22nd April eighteen MCC students joined in the activities at the Chengdu Urban Forest Project, held at Lioncity Park and organised by the British Chamber Southwest.

When British Education Meets Chinese Martial Arts

 Feb 3, 2017

Malvern College Chengdu is a British-style boarding school with its focus on the student. The academic staff offer students a variety of activities and clubs and today we will tell you about the Chinese Martial Arts Club.

Malvern College Chengdu: Outward Bound training in Yangshuo

 Jan 5, 2017

This year, a group of MCC students travelled to Yangshuo to take part in “The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award”. Below are some students’ comments about the trip.

Malvern College Chengdu: Students’ Memory of Outward Bound Training in Chiangmai (Part 2)

 Jan 5, 2017

The Outward Bound Training in Chiangmai
Education is a process. MCC embraces the concept of international education and to that end the school organizes outward bound training to develop our students practical skills.

Malvern College Chengdu: Students’ Memory of Outward Bound Training in Chiangmai (Part 1)

 Jan 5, 2017

Outward Bound Training at MCC As a boarding school, Malvern College Chengdu offers its students daily extra-curricular activities in both... View Article

Holiday Bazaar:CIC Charity Fair

 Nov 28, 2016

For the past 10 years the Chengdu International Club have held a Holiday Bazaar at CDIS.. This event brings the... View Article