Message From Malvern UK

Welcome to Malvern College Chengdu! As the Headmaster of Malvern College UK, currently celebrating its 153th anniversary year, it is my pleasure to be able to share with you my belief in the holistic education that will be provided to students attending Malvern College Chengdu.

Malvern College is regarded as one of the leading independent schools in the UK. We believe firmly that our students should excel both academically and beyond the classroom, and over the last 153 years this core belief in developing well-rounded individuals has helped us nurture Prime Ministers, Nobel Laureates and many others who have excelled in sport, business and the arts. More recently, we have extended our model of education to China, through the development of Malvern College Qingdao, which opened in 2012 and which now has nearly 300 students.

I am delighted that we now have the opportunity to share these same values with the students who will be studying at Malvern College Chengdu.

Chinese students are some of brightest in the world, with strong academic ability. Students at Malvern College Chengdu will follow the UK A-level curriculum to ensure that they have the academic capability to succeed at leading universities around the world. However, success at university and beyond does not come from the classroom alone, and students will also be able to experience a wide variety of activities outside the classroom, including team sports and creative activities such as drama, music and art.

Comprehensive pastoral care encompassing a full boarding experience is a vital component of the Malvern ethos and Malvern College Chengdu will provide a safe, stimulating environment in which students can thrive and develop to become well-mannered, culturally-aware young adults.

Every school needs to support its students in applying for universities of their choice and we will work closely with the Malvern College Chengdu management team to provide expert personal advice to students regarding their university applications and their longer term career planning.

Together with the Directors and Headmaster of Malvern College Chengdu, we are committed to providing a top-class education for students of this exciting new school. Malvern College UK will be advising on all aspects of the school’s operation, and members of my management team will be visiting the school regularly to provide first-hand support.

We are tremendously excited about Malvern College Chengdu. Through a combination of 150 years of tradition from Malvern College UK, together with our more recent experience in Qingdao, we are creating a school which will truly help develop Chinese students into holistic leaders of the future.

Antony Clark,
Headmaster, Malvern College UK.