Message from the Headmaster

Message from Chairperson and Managing Director

Jacqueline So

I am deeply thrilled about the opening of Malvern College Chengdu. Not only because it is the first of its kind in the region which is set to bring innovation, but also the strong team that we are able to assemble who are uniquely qualified to bring the quality education to our students in Western China.

Education is so critical in one’s life that I believe it will be the determining success factor for individuals and countries in the next decade. As a forward-looking school, we would like to serve to the vision that we are preparing our students not only for knowledge acquisition, exam preparation, and university admission, but also provide an education of a life time to cope with the future world—learning aptitudes, understanding of one’s passion, strengths and weakness, ability to connect and relate to people from different cultures and backgrounds, and most importantly the upholding of traditional values and virtues.

The learning and teaching at Malvern College Chengdu will be highly personalized, with every student treated as an individual developing at his/her own pace. The student-oriented approach will encourage the students to acquire the active study skills much needed in university study in 21st century. We are acutely aware that our students are brought up in a traditional Chinese learning environment, therefore a transition into the international education will take time and effort.Our curriculum will have a strong focus on English as an Additional Language and subjects which Chinese students have natural strength in, supplemented with academic enrichment to push students beyond their comfort zone in subjects like English Literature, Humanities, and foreign languages, as well as tutoring in other areas of the core curriculum.

The pastoral and co-curricular part of our education is truly extraordinary. We place equal emphasis on classroom learning and out-of-classroom experiential learning. Drawing from our own experience, the clubs, outdoor pursuits, concerts, international exchanges and other things happening outside the classroom build our character and form the best memories of our school life. We believe that throughout your years at Malvern College Chengdu, you will be able to acquire a holistic set of skills that enable you to deal with challenges and opportunities in life, wherever you are and whenever it is.

I would encourage you to look through our website and meet our School Management Committee members, management, and staff, a collaborative team who are committed to bring the best education to the students in the region. A visit to our campus and a face-to-face meeting with us will deepen your experience as we will be able to share with you how we put these concepts into action.

Jacqueline So
Chairperson and Managing Director

Message from the Headmaster of Malvern College Chengdu

Malcolm Phillips

As The Headmaster I am delighted to welcome you most warmly to Malvern College Chengdu. A private full boarding secondary school for boys and girls aged 14 to 18 with world-class facilities on a 15 acre site in Chengdu. At Malvern College Chengdu we offer a fully holistic educational experience in a full boarding setting where every pupil is valued and every success shared and celebrated.

Malvern College Chengdu aims to bring the values of a British-style independent boarding education: turning out young men and women who are intellectually curious, confident and able to respond to the rapidly changing world in which they will pursue further study and work.

I have been involved in education and school development, in Independent Schools in the United Kingdom and Africa for over 25 years. I will now be bringing my knowledge and expertise to bear in the administration of Malvern College Chengdu.

As Headmaster I believe passionately in the importance of the individual. Every student at Malvern College Chengdu is valued in their own right; encouraged to develop their talents to the full within a community where there are no stereotypes and where every achievement, however small, is acknowledged. We will strive to develop students of strong character and commitment loyal to our aims as well as offering a service to the community.

Our emphasis is on nurturing the individual, providing a demanding and enjoyable education developing the whole person through academic work, pastoral care, sport, performing arts and enrichment activities. Team and group success will be celebrated at every opportunity, and individual pupils praised for their own achievements and efforts every day.

We have worked hard to assemble a very strong staff at Malvern College Chengdu. Their breadth of experience both in and out of the classroom will enable the students to thrive both academically as well as in the exciting co-curricular programme that will be on offer. This is essential if our graduates are to access universities across the globe.

There is no question in my mind that Malvern College Chengdu will grow to become a very special school. Young people with a strong set of academic qualifications; giving them a choice in their future careers, along with a range of interests to sustain them throughout their lives.

I look forward to meeting with parents who share my passion for educating today’s children as tomorrow’s leaders by offering them a first-class private education in what will be one of China’s premier schools.

Malcolm Phillips
Headmaster Malvern College Chengdu