René Everton

René Everton

English Teacher
MEd Management and Leadership – University Of Southern Queensland
BA (Hons) – University of South Africa
Post Graduate Education Diploma – University of the Western Cape

René Everton has taught English across a range of academic levels, in a variety of academic settings in South Africa, Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei and Oman. René’s pedagogical philosophy is based on the principal that a good teacher believes in the ideas he/she teaches and believes in the students to whom ideas are offered. Her overall goal is to create and cultivate a safe student-centred learning environment – one which facilitates for all types of learners to be active participants. Her focus is to ensure that the instructional process is embedded with easily transferrable Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills, as students engage in the learning of content material.

Since many skills are necessary to become and remain an effective teacher, René is devoted to lifelong learning. She considers it essential to keep learning and evolving, since we will never know everything about anything, especially something that we love!

In her leisure time, René enjoys reading, watching documentaries, long-distance running, hiking, horse riding, scuba diving and the exciting adventure of travel to unknown destinations.