Xinjin Campus Highlights

Five Distinctive Features of Malvern’s Xinjin Campus

 Nurturing global citizens well versed with Chinese and Western cultures by stages

At Malvern, educating the “whole person” begins with the acquisition of skills and of knowledge. From bilingual immersion at primary and pre-school levels to the international education in high school, each stage is marked by clear developmental goals. Pupils also learn to appreciate both Chinese and Western cultures, to develop independent, critical thinking skills, and to gain the capacity for cross-disciplinary investigation, thus preparing them to become world citizens with a global outlook and a wholesome character.



Teaching approach

Development goals


Bilingual instruction of British early education curriculum and utilisation of  Forest School and Montessori and Reggio teaching methods.

·   Ability to express one’s needs

·   Ability to get along with peers and adults

·   Ability to communicate daily matters in both Chinese and English

·   A Passion for learning and reading

·   Good health and good eating habits

·   Comprehensive development of IQ & EQ

Primary 1-5

Cross-discipline learning based on the national curriculum and encompassing aspects of the international curriculum:


·   Cross-discipline, project- based learning.

·   Language Arts: Chinese & English.

·   Mathematics

·   Science

·   Arts

·   Physical & Health Education

·   Music

·   Computer & Design Technology

·   A serious learning attitude and capacity for independent learning

·   Proficiency in mother-tongue language (Chinese) in listening, speaking, reading and writing sufficient for daily work and studies

·   Identification with and appreciation of Chinese culture & literature

·   Second language (English) proficiency to allow for fluent daily conversation and reading

·   Mastery of knowledge in various subjects with capacity for cross-discipline project investigation and analysis

·   Development of personal interests and pastimes through a large number of extra-curricular activities and study tours.

·   Healthy habits regarding food and lifestyle

Primary 6

Dual-track instruction in accordance with students’ goals for further study.

·   Options for Bilingual Middle School and International High School at Malvern or other junior high schools in China

Middle School

A comprehensive learning curriculum encompassing the international curriculum together with the national curriculum:


·   Literature & Languages: Chinese & English

·   Mathematics

·   Physics, Chemistry, Biology

·   Arts

·   Physical & Health Education

·   Music

·   Computer & Design Technology

·   Critical thinking with students being encouraged to identify problems and devise solutions

·   Proficiency in Chinese and English for academic purposes with some students attaining capacity for literature appreciation and mother tongue proficiency in both languages

·   Academic proficiency for both Senior High School Entrance Examinations and IGCSE

·   Acquisition of a global outlook and awareness as a world citizen developed through a large number of classes being taught by expatriate teachers

·   Development of the capacity for communal living through boarding school life

High School

Instruction of IGCSE and A-Level  conducted mainly by expatriate teachers.

·   Capacity for living overseas and independent studies developed by the largely expatriate teaching staff in preparation for a seamless transition to overseas institutions

·   Establishment of direction for tertiary studies through counselling and internship



K12 education to develop international talent

Malvern College Chengdu offers a through-school education: Pre-school focuses on a bilingual education allowing children to acquire basic conversation skills in both languages. Based on the British Curriculum, children are nurtured in seven major abilities and will develop their independent learning and exploration through exposure to Forest School, Montessori and Reggio Emilia teaching approaches. During primary education, the focus is on nurturing students to use Chinese, whilst at the same time laying a solid foundation of English. The pioneering integrated exploration course, developed in the southwestern region, encapsulates the essence of both PYP and IPC. Students explore different subjects in a critical manner and learn to integrate their knowledge in these subjects in order to develop their problem-solving skills. Secondary education aims to prepare students for overseas further education. Students in senior forms will study for IGCSE and A-Level qualifications enabling them to apply for undergraduate courses in top universities in the United Kingdom, U.S.A., Australia and Canada. Furthermore, a holistic teaching approach which also encompasses physical education, music, art, extra-curricular activities and the Duke of Edinburgh Award will develop each pupils’ skills in leadership, sociability and hobby exploration.

 Educational robot institute and “Forest School”

Malvern College Chengdu plans to cooperate with Hong Kong Science Park, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to develop the most advanced technology for use in Malvern College Chengdu. This will be used to customise teaching plans and research work in language, social interaction, emotional management, programming, mathematics, analytical skills, music and art.

Malvern College Chengdu will also be the first school to introduce the concept of “Forest School” to China. Classes will spend one whole day in the countryside every two weeks. This exposure to nature will help our pupils to develop a sense of independence and autonomy. It will also build their risk-taking, leadership and teamwork skills. We believe in the Reggio Emillio theory that ‘environment is the third teacher’ and we will seek to encourage the growth of our students in a natural and diversified environment.

 Heritage of top British college with shared global resources

The Malvern family of schools, Qingdao (2012), Chengdu (2015), Cairo, Egypt (2016) and Hong Kong (2018) pride themselves on making a key contribution to the international education in their respective cities and all our schools continue to pave the way for students to attend top universities throughout the world.

Malvern College Chengdu, like its sister colleges, will adhere to the high quality teaching philosophies of its long-established mother college, Malvern College UK. Consistent high standards in academic supervision and evaluation will be ensured by frequent quality assurance visits from staff at Malvern College UK who will also be pivotal in teacher recruitment across all schools. The global Malvern family, including Malvern College UK, will also offer support for further education, exchange visits for both teachers and students, and interactive classes, which will ensure extensive international learning experiences for our students.

The Malvern Family

The Malvern family believes that when parents, students and the school walk the journey of growth and develop together, they build a delightful learning environment. As parents, it is important to understand the future challenges and opportunities your child may face in an ever-changing world. Malvern College Chengdu will facilitate communication between parents and students through family workshops, local and international expert forums, school-family activities and case sharing. In doing so, we will assist parents in helping the development of their children and, encourage strong communication between the school and parents and we will help to build a closer parent-child relationship.