Boarding Life

At Malvern College Chengdu, each House has a Housemistress/Housemaster, or ‘Housem’ who will oversee your son’s or daughter’s progress in school. In the House, there are also Assistant HSM and Matron who are always willing to answer questions or give advice. In addition to the House team, there are academic tutors, class teachers and academic departments available to help, with many running clinics to provide extra academic support.

All Houses have their own kitchenettes, recreation rooms, and common areas with a range of facilities such as table tennis and snooker, and access to television, a DVD player, and video.

Each member of the House can readily meet his or her Housem, Assistant HSM and Matron to discuss work, interests, problems or ambitions.

All Houses compete in the many varied Inter-House events such as sport, drama, singing groups, and debating teams. There are a variety of House outings, from hiking to movies, as well as opportunities to relax together in the House together, perhaps baking on a Sunday afternoon or taking part in arts evenings.


To complement the Pastoral function in the Houses, all pupils also have an academic Tutor, who meets at least three times per week with his or her group, and who is concerned with supervising academic and co-curricular progress and generally providing pastoral support. The Tutors are also on duty in the House, to provide added assistance and ensure that the pupil settles in well.

Peer Support

Sometimes pupils will want to talk to their peers rather than a member of staff. The Prefects are an invaluable source of advice and act as a key “bridge” between staff and the student body. New pupils are assigned a ‘buddy’ and there are also trained pupil peer mentors in each House. They can help on a wide range of issues and will always be happy to listen. The Heads of House, their Deputies and Student Council representatives would also welcome the chance to hear their fellow pupils’ views and would be very willing to do whatever they can to ensure everyone’s time at Malvern College Chengdu is fulfilling and happy.

The most important aspect of a successful, fulfilled life at Malvern College Chengdu is the ability to communicate with others. It important that all students are aware that there is always someone they can approach if they are unsure about anything. If they feel that something is unfair, if they do not understand the reasoning behind something, then please seek an answer. Dwelling on problems and repressing questions resolves nothing. Communicating with your peers and staff is a vital part of a student’s development and also their day-to-day happiness. With this level of support, students will leave Malvern College Chengdu as young people who are not only articulate and ready to listen, but also principled, courteous, independent-thinkers and ready to help others. Our students will be prepared for a successful future ahead of them.